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Results and Scripts for the Quality Assessment of the LOD Cloud

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lodqa is a set of scripts that retrieves dataset from the LOD Cloud snapshot, and assess their quality using Luzzu, a Linked Data Quality assessment framework.

Current Results

We assessed the LOD cloud on a number of quality metrics. At this point we have conducted quality assessment on 130 datasets (click here for a visualisation of the datasets that were accessible) against a number of metrics related to four different categories. The categories in question are:

Ranking from the August 2016 assessment can be viewed in a tabular format here. An overall visualisation of the dataset quality can be found here Furthermore, datasets can be ranked and visualised on Luzzu Web. Quality metadata can be downloaded from Zenodo or crawled using a Linked Data crawler (RECOMMENDED) from https://w3id.org/lodquator/resource/{resource-id}. We are currently assessing these datasets on other metrics. We will keep this space updated, together with the Luzzu Web interface.


Evaluating the Quality of the LOD Cloud: An Empirical Investigation (Journal Paper Under Review - pdf).

  1. First Version with Reviews
  2. Revised Version with Reviews


The scripts are licenced under the MIT licence, whilst the quality metadata are licenced under the Creative Commons Zero (CCO).

Contact and Contribution

If you want to contribute to these scripts, please let me know: @jerdeb

This project is maintained by jerdeb

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